Delta 8 Orange

Over 91% hemp-derived delta 8, composed of Sativa and Indica hybrids. Best quality ingredients sourced in the USA.
+ Gelato series
+ 1 gram filled
+ USB-C rechargeable device

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how to use the preheat function

You only need to preheat when it’s clogged due to cold weather conditions!
Please tap 5 times on the device (we recommend tapping with your finger or the palm of your hand, please do not tap against your clothes, furniture or non electricity conducting materials, as it won’t work). You will see a blue light coming up. Once the blue light comes up, wait 5 seconds for the delta 8 to liquify, and then you should be able to draw.

Please remember the device comes with the ability to recharge using a USB-C cord.

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Blonde girl smiling and holding OZE vape pen


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